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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Aeneid Characters (1)


This crossword puzzle is for ALL STUDENTS. This puzzle is the first in a series of three puzzles about characters from the Aeneid.

Instructions: You will see a series of descriptions in English. Your task is to supply the name that is required.

Click here to get the crossword puzzle to print and fill in.

Click here to get the crossword puzzle solution, or look at the answers at the bottom of this post.

Here are the clues:


1. Water nymph, and the sister of Turnus.
2. Daughter of Priam; wife of Aeneas.
5. Prince of Troy who abducted Helen, beginning the war.
7. Goddess of warfare and wisdom.
8. Son of the god Picus and king of rural Italy.
9. African ruler and failed suitor of Dido.
11. God of war.
13. Son of Achilles.
15. Trojan princess with gift of prophecy but not believed.
16. Another name for Ascanius.
17. Son of Priam and later the ruler of Epirus.


1. Chief ruler of the gods.
3. Faithful companion of Aeneas.
4. Aeneas's future bride in Italy.
5. Brother of Dido.
6. Queen of Troy and the wife of Priam.
10. Greatest of the Trojan heroes, slain by Achilles.
11. Etruscan king, ally of Turnus.
12. Chief of the Harpies.
14. Father of Jupiter and ruler of the "Golden Age."

Click on the image to get a larger printable version of the crossword puzzle.

Across: 1. Juturna, 2. Creusa, 5. Paris, 7. Minerva, 8. Faunus, 9. Iarbas, 11. Mars, 13. Neoptolemus, 15. Cassandra, 16. Iulus, 17. Helenus.
Down: 1. Jupiter, 3. Achates, 4. Lavinia, 5. Pygmalion, 6. Hecuba, 10. Hector, 11. Mezentius, 12. Celaeno, 14. Saturn.
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