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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Roman Emperors (A)


I'm using some new crossword puzzle software (online, fast, easy) to create new puzzles to go with the new widgets I'm posting at

Today's crossword is about Roman Emperors. You can visit the widget page for this topic to see the widget in action.

Word List. Here is an alphabetical word list of the emperors included in the puzzle:
Antoninus, Aurelian, Claudius, Commodus, Constans, Constantius, Diocletian, Domitian, Elagabalus, Galba, Gratian, Honorius, Justinian, Philip, Tiberius, Trajan, Valentinian, Valerian, Vespasian, Zeno
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Here are the clues:


4 Emperor when Rome was sacked by Visigoths in 410 C.E.
7 First emperor following Julio-Claudian dynasty.
10 Later given the nickname "Pius."
14 The "last great western emperor," died in 375 C.E.
16 Replaced cult of Jupiter with that of "Deus Sol Invictus."
17 Emperor in the East when the Roman empire fell in the West.
18 Born in Syria, and known as "the Arab."
19 Emperor during the conquest of Britain.
20 Third and youngest son of Constantine the Great.


1 Ruled over the empire at its greatest geographical extent.
2 In his reign, Roman law was revised and Hagia Sophia built.
3 Defeated in Battle of Edessa and taken captive by Persians.
5 Often depicted dressed as Hercules, carrying a club.
6 Founder of the Flavian dynasty.
8 Defeated Queen Zenobia of the Palmyrene Empire.
9 Founder of the Constantinian dynasty.
11 Murdered by members of the Senate in 96 C.E.
12 Brought an end to the "crisis of the third century."
13 The heir of the Emperor Augustus.
15 Ruled in the west, while Valens ruled the eastern empire.

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