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Thursday, August 16, 2007

De Viro maligno et Daemone


I'm using some new crossword puzzle software (online, fast, easy) to create new puzzles to go with the new Aesop's fables I'm posting at

Today's fable at Latin Via Fables is De Viro maligno et Daemone: The Wicked man and The Devil. You can visit the Latin Via Fables page for this fable to see the Latin text, English translation and some grammar help.

Word List. Here is an alphabetical word list of the Latin words included in the puzzle:
arctus, auxilium, calceus, carcer, comparare, conclusus, conterere, custodia, daemon, fascis, humerus, malignus, peragrare, perire, perpetrare, pertundere, pervigil, saepenumero, scelus, vir
Click here to get the crossword puzzle to print and fill in.

Click here to get the crossword puzzle solution.

Here are the clues:


3 Bundle
6 Prison, jail
7 To die, perish, be destroyed
9 Confined, enclosed
13 To exhaust, wear out, grind down
14 Sleepless, always watching
15 Shoulder, upper arm
16 Shoe, slipper
18 To travel all over, scour
19 On many occasions


1 Man
2 Devil, demon
4 Crime, sin, evil deed
5 Wicked, spiteful
8 Aid, help, assistance
10 To provide, collect, buy
11 To perforate, wear through
12 To commit, carry out
13 Safe-keeping, custody, guard
17 Tight, narrow, thick

Click on the image to get a larger printable version of the crossword puzzle.

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